Meridan Fields road sign
From 19 September 2016, this gate will no longer be unlocked in the afternoon to permit vehicular access through/to the sportsgrounds. It will only be used as per the planning scheme conditions to be used by emergency services, authorised persons (council staff/maintenance contractors) and opened as directed by the Local Disaster Coordination Centre. The sports clubs located at the complex and the Pacific Lutheran College have all been advised of the planning scheme requirements and the subsequent closure of the gate.

Council’s Transportation Management Branch has placed some signs at the two roundabouts on Woodlands Boulevard, Kawana Forest and also a sign at the Meridan Way entrance advising there is no vehicular access to Meridan Way or the sports complex via Red Cedar Drive.

There are no changes to the Meridan Way gate (the complex’s main entrance) arrangements. It will continue to be opened on school days by Pacific Lutheran College and by clubs on weekends/school holidays as required.

KaFRA routinely receives requests for further information regarding the Meridan Fields Sporting Complex link road that connects Meridan Way with Red Cedar Drive (click to view map). The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has kindly provided us with some useful information for residents regarding this link road:

Under the planning scheme, the access gate between Meridan Fields Sporting Complex and Red Cedar Drive cannot be kept open at all times because of the potential for the complex to be used as a thoroughfare which would create a number of issues in local areas and at the complex.

For your information, the gate at Red Cedar Drive is unlocked at approx. 3:30pm Monday to Friday and 5am Saturday mornings to allow access to the complex during sports use. This access is consistent with the permitted use under the planning scheme. The gate is locked nightly between 9pm to 10pm. The gate is not unlocked on Sundays or on school holidays or public holidays because the clubs based at the complex generally do not operate on these days.

The gate at Red Cedar Drive may also be unlocked during emergencies such as flood and fire. The direction to unlock the gate during emergencies is issued by the Local Disaster Coordination Centre.

For further information, get in touch with KaFRA or contact the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.