The objectives of the Kawana Forest Residents’ Association are:

  1. To listen to our members and provide a cohesive voice to represent the aspirations, needs and issues of our unique community in a non-partisan manner.
  2. To protect, enhance, preserve and promote the natural, built and social environment within Kawana Forest – looking after our shared assets.
  3. To foster a sense of belonging, community connectivity, pride and neighbourliness throughout our community.
  4. To be a resource, providing timely information and education on matters of relevance to our community.
  5. To promote equal opportunities for all to be a part of, and contribute to the well-being of the Kawana Forest community.

KaFRA Membership

KaFRA annual membership is open to all residents and property owners in the estate.  To join, there is a simple application form to be completed with your contact details which are submitted to the KaFRA committee, along with the annual membership donation of $10 per household.  Send your completed membership form to  A committee member will be in touch to organise payment via either cash, cheque or direct deposit (Account # 134076280 BSB 633000 Kawana Forest Residents’ Assoc Inc).

Already a member? Membership donations are annual and a reminder will be included in the newsletter and facebook page.