KaFRA circa 2014
The origins of the Kawana Forest Residents Association (KaFRA) lay in a public meeting held on November 11, 2007 with residents voicing their concerns to protect the upkeep of the amenities and their forest environment.

From this initial meeting a Steering Group was formed (Narda Smithers, Annie Sharp, Lyn and Trevor Scrimshaw, Pauline and Varmi Geyl, Mark van Wyk, Josh McGarry (Stocklands), and Kemi Adu. The Steering Group was chaired and advised by Baydn Dodds (Stockland developers) and Maree Machin (Bukaji, working for Stockland).

A series of meetings followed at the former Stocklands Sales Office (where the development of shops and units now stands); and where the community centre is now being built.

It was at these meetings the elements of a Draft Constitution (Objects of Association) were discussed and reviewed to be eventually presented to the community at a General Meeting on Sunday, February 24, 2008.

Special mention must be given to Stockland representatives Baydn Dodds and Maree Machin, particularly Maree who guided the group through many thought bubbles to produce the kind of community people wanted to live in. It was from these meetings it was decided to adopt the following Objects of the Association:

  • To listen to our members and provide a cohesive voice to represent the aspirations, needs and issues of our unique community in a non- partisan manner
  • To protect, enhance, preserve and promote the natural, built and social environment within Kawana Forest – looking after our shared assets
  • To foster a sense of belonging, community connectivity, pride and neighbourliness throughout our community.
  • To be a resource, providing timely information and education on matters of relevance to our community
  • To promote equal opportunities for all to be a part of, and contribute to the well-being of the Kawana Forest community.

The Steering Group viewed the initial formation of KaFRA as a hub for the community, primarily focussed on the task ensuring the present and future amenities of our community including landscaping, parks, public spaces, the forest and its native animals.

Above all, the group was formed to foster a great community spirit, now and for the future, to benefit the residents of Kawana Forest.

The driving force of two great KaFRA presidents… initially Narda Smithers (original Steering Group) and in recent years, Greg Chambers who have both made herculean efforts over the years in holding committee meetings and as liason between KaFRA and the Sunshine Coast Council, will result in the opening of a Community Centre in 2013.

Trevor Scrimshaw