2019/2020 – Elected 15 Sep 2019

  • Glenn Smith – President
  • Greg Chambers – Secretary
  • Coralie Williamson – Treasurer
  • Alana McEwen – Events, Website, Facebook
  • Darren Meredith
  • Paul Williamson – Climate Trail, Currimundi Lake Dynamics Panel
  • Tom Turner

2018/2019 – Elected 29 July 2018

  • Glenn Smith – President
  • Kelly Smith – Secretary
  • Coralie Williamson – Treasurer, Facebook
  • Barbara Allain
  • Jackie Dawid
  • Alana McEwen – Events, Website, Facebook
  • Darren Meredith

Photo (L-R) Kelly, Alana, Barbara, Darren, Jackie

Committee April 2018 WP

From 2018 the KaFRA Committee also supports a sub-committee who are involved in the Proposed Climate Watch Trail.  This is led by Paul Williamson and an informal sub-committee including Darren Meredith, Barbara Allain, Coralie Williamson, Jodie Campbell, Karen Petfield and Alana McEwen.

In addition to this Paul Williamson also represents KaFRA at the Currimundi Lake Dynamics Panel.

This group, representative of environmental / association groups within the Currimundi Lake catchment meets with SCC councillors for Division 1 and 3 four times per year to provide input into environmental / conservation issues impacting on the Currimundi Catchment including – water quality monitoring; sediment and litter management; erosion management; flooding management; monitoring of invasive species; dredging and community engagement.