Rick Baberowski - Division 1 Councillor

It has been just over 2 months since I had the honour of Chairing the KaFRA AGM and participated in the election of the new committee members. On behalf of the wider community, I would like to sincerely thank the previous KaFRA committee members for their efforts throughout the previous year and look forward to working with the new committee

Gate between Red Cedar Drive and Meridan Fields Sporting Complex
As you may know, KaFRA and council were asked to consider providing greater access through the Kawana Forest network for people wishing to use the Meridan Fields Sporting Complex. We’ve established through discussions with KaFRA that there is no change to the idea that this should not become a short cut through Kawana Forest for traffic coming from outside the community.
It was embedded in the planning scheme which requires the gate between Red Cedar Drive and Meridan Fields Sporting Complex be kept closed to stop vehicular access from Kawana Forest to Meridan Way and vice versa.

From 19 September 2016, this gate will no longer be unlocked in the afternoon to permit vehicular access through/to the sportsgrounds. It will only be used as per the planning scheme conditions to be used by emergency services, authorised persons (council staff/maintenance contractors) and opened as directed by the Local Disaster Coordination Centre. The sports clubs located at the complex and the Pacific Lutheran College have all been advised of the planning scheme requirements and the subsequent closure of the gate.

Council’s Transportation Management Branch has placed some signs at the two roundabouts on Woodlands Boulevard, Kawana Forest and also a sign at the Meridan Way entrance advising there is no vehicular access to Meridan Way or the sports complex via Red Cedar Drive.

There are no changes to the Meridan Way gate (the complex’s main entrance) arrangements. It will continue to be opened on school days by Pacific Lutheran College and by clubs on weekends/school holidays as required.

Visit to Woodlands
I recently attended a tour of the new IRT ‘Woodlands’ facility. It was lovely to meet the management and start to build these important relationships. I did raise with them how important it was them for to look at the temporary entry and improve the landscaping and signage as soon as possible to better reflect the standards expected by the general community. They seemed to receive that message well.

I subsequently attended the official opening of the IRT ‘Woodlands’ by the Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP. A caring ceremony that acknowledged the critical contribution of the senior members of our community, on whose shoulders we stand. We owe them a debt of gratitude and have a responsibility to make sure their wisdom is respected and their health, care and aspirations are looked after as fully as possible. It was a privilege to be present and remember: ‘Don’t always ask google, try asking granny or grandad!’

Meet and Greet
Please join me at my next Meet and Greet session to be held on Friday, 14th October from 11am – 1pm at the Bellvista Meeting Place, 18 Lomond Crescent, Caloundra West. Another way to keep updated on everything that is happening in Division 1 is to follow my councillor page on Facebook. Just search ‘Cr Rick Baberowski – Division 1’ and press ‘like’.

– Rick Baberowski, Division 1 Councillor
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