At our recent KaFRA committee meeting, we raised with Cr Baberowski (who regularly attends our meetings) some residents concerns regarding the area under the bridge linking KF to Birtinya. The issues were the graffiti, lighting, pathway flooding in heavy rains and not draining away quickly, safety and a peppercorn (invasive) tree nearby that needs removal. We also supplied the following video. A SCC docket has been raised and will be investigated. Although it seems to be a simple matter, the issues are that TMR own the bridge, no onsite power, PEPTED parameters and solar lighting expenses etc. We will keep you posted on the outcomes post the site meeting to see if a way forward can be found. Especially as usage of this area will increase with the new Oceanside centre opening, the Meridan playing fields and more local residents using this pathway to the hospital.

Video available via our Facebook page.[0]=68.ARDAfMxIwtdSOQQTu5eaWHAJRGXXyuLGFsDg4VJL7G5j8wpFvnP-Ph6kWPBn4v1PUNZmN73f4-WDp0TrfCfjfTls6As4GdIdIQKemDUeiMCy-Xdul9mND6612cHwLHHOdS7y1Io&__tn__=kC-R