• August 12, 2020
  • 3:23 pm

The Kawana Forest Climate Watch trial is still continuing with funding approved for the next stage. The map indicates the two proposed trails (long and short).

A SCC botanist has started to map species and has also compiled a list of birds for the site which includes:
Plants: Black-anther flax lily, Blackwood wattle, Coastal banksia, Silky Oak, Spiny-headed matrush
Birds: Brahminy Kite, Masked Lapwing, Welcome Swallow, Willie-wagtail, Grey Fantail, Magpie-lark, Rainbow Bee-eater, White-browed Scrubwren, Eastern Yellow Robin, White-faced Heron, Channel-billed Cuckoo.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the proposed trail length/s and/or selected species.

An escorted walkthrough with SCC is scheduled for Wednesday 12 August – 8:00 am. Meeting at Whitebeech St / Lemonwood St intersect. Please wear sun and insect protection as well as suitable footwear for traversing the often muddy pathways. Please RSVP to info@kafra.org.au or by registering your interest on this Facebook event, as numbers are limited to 20 due to COVID.

An official launch is planned for September.