Committee Meeting – 9 April 2018

May newsletter, Membership coordinator, Visibility of road signage due to foliage corrected via SCC, Community grant update, Oceanfest, Meridan sports fields development, Kawana Forest signage rejuvenation.

Committee Meeting – 5 March 2018

Application for Grant underway for Active Families mid-year Kawana forest community event.  Newsletter items for next edition.  2018 Projects.  Banner progress.  Website and Facebook updates.    Litter in the estate, trail bikes in the forest.

Committee Meeting – 5 Feb 2018

Councillor Rick Baberowski spoke about current govt and SCC grants.  KaFRA Verge Parking submission and workshop. Lacebark Street playspace.  Litter in the estate. 2018 Projects and grant applications.  Website and Facebook updates. Vines and weeds climbing trees in the forest. Preparation of the next newsletter. New KaFRA banner.