Greg Chambers, KaFRA President

At our last Executive meeting it was decided to hold the 2016 KaFRA Childrens’ Christmas Party on the 27th November between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. Final details will be provided by a letter-box drop, so please note you diary now. Please come along, share some cheer, possibly win some raffle prizes and enjoy our great Meeting Place. It is proposed that current KaFRA financial members will benefit by a discounted entry price for 2016.

KaFRA’s AGM was held on 24th July and while the Executive Committee was returned substantially intact, we welcome one new member to the executive as well as more people wishing to assist through our subcommittee system. As returning President I look forward to the next year being able to take your interests and issues to all relevant service authorities.

Meridan Fields road signYou will all have noticed the signage erected by Council in relation to the access to the Meridan Playing fields via Red Cedar Drive. This blanket closure by Council does not sit well with my original understanding that this gate was to be opened (and closed) by Sports Teams for the duration of weekly training sessions and weekend matches to allow access by teams/players from the North.

The gates have been left open for days/weeks recently and I understand this is the result of vandalism by persons unknown who have actually cut the locks, requiring Council to replace the lock, keyed identically because Emergency Service Organisations may need access at any stage. This is an expensive exercise.

Residents whose house blocks back onto Red Cedar Drive have certainly noticed significant increase in traffic noise when the gates have been opened for extended periods, and would undoubtedly like the gates to be closed permanently, as was the case when the lots were bought and developed.

Residents in other areas of the estate would like the gates open to allow access to Meridan State College, the new shopping centre and the Waste Management Centre. Those Kawana Forest residents who previously had Post Office boxes at the Wurtulla shopping centre now have to go to Meridan Plains Post Office since Wurtulla was closed and this would be a quick access.

This is a very complex issue and will need more consultation with all Kawana Forest residents if there is any likely change of attitude by Council. We will keep you informed of any further developments in this regard.

Some of you may not be aware that there was a recent tree planting exercise in some open areas to the North of the estate adjacent to the bike/walking track that heads up to the Main Drive area. The areas were untidy with various grasses and weeds and will now develop into more ‘bushland’, and habitat for wildlife. KaFRA was initially invited to assist in this exercise however the weather and other factors meant the planting took part without our involvement.

Hooning and Wheelies! – I am sure you all noticed the disgusting damage done to the traffic island on Woodlands Blvd some weeks ago. This is just senseless vandalism and detracts from our tidy estate. If anyone has information that may help us take this to the police, please contact KaFRA.

KaFRA continues to manage the refills for the ‘doggy-poo’ bag dispensers in our parks. If there is any dispenser that runs out, please let me know by contacting KaFRA.

– Greg Chambers, KaFRA President