Kawana Forest – Mosquito Control Program

KaFRA members recently asked us to find out more about the Kawana Forest Mosquito Control Program.  We followed up with Council and below is the response we received 2 July 2018.  We have asked some additional questions and I will post these details on our Facebook page as we find out more.  https://www.facebook.com/KawanaForestResidents/

Kawana Forest is one of the few coastal areas on the Sunshine coast that isn’t heavily affected by the most common coastal mosquito, the saltmarsh mosquito. However the area is heavily affected by a variety of freshwater mosquito species that originate from the large area of remnant rainforest and floodplains that line the Mooloolah River to the north.

This area of rainforest and floodplain produces large populations of freshwater mosquitoes usually during the summer wet season from February to April. The mosquitoes breed in the pools of water that remain after heavy rain and the adults rest and shelter in the shady areas of natural vegetation. At dawn and dusk they move out of these forests into the residential areas to feed.

Effective mosquito control requires the timely application of environmentally friendly larvicides to the pools of water containing the juvenile mosquitoes. This must occur within a few days of the pools being filled by heavy rain. The mosquito breeding sites to the north of Kawana Forest are practically inaccessible. They are in dense rainforest and occur over a very wide area, perhaps in excess of 100 hectares. Council has trialled some spraying in this area in the past but it was not successful given the inability to access all the mosquito breeding sites in such a large area in a short period of time.

Kawana Forest is fairly unique in that it is the only residential area that immediately adjoins this remnant rainforest and floodplain. Unfortunately the visual amenity and recreational opportunities provided by this natural area are sometimes compromised by the naturally occurring mosquitoes and other insects and fauna that are present. When mosquito populations are high residents are advised to adopt personal protective measures to minimise the impact caused by these biting insects. These include the use of insect screening on windows and doors, avoiding exposure when mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk and the use of protective clothing and insect repellents.

Council has continued to investigate mosquito control programs for areas such as Kawana Forest. A similar problem exists in the residential areas to the south of Mount Coolum. Council is planning on trialling a mosquito control program for that area next summer that uses helicopters to treat the casuarina forest breeding sites in that area prior to and following heavy rain. While this is a different mosquito breeding habitat to those found in your area, if the technique proves to be successful it may have some application to the Kawana Forest remnant rainforest and floodplain in the future. Council has been monitoring mosquito populations in Kawana Forest for over a decade via a mosquito trap that is located weekly at Bolwarra Place. The data from this trap will be instrumental in the development of any future mosquito control program in that area.

Hopefully a successful mosquito control program will become available in the future. In the meantime, when mosquito populations are high, residents will have to rely on those personal protective measures outlined above.

KaFRA Membership $10 per family open FY18/19

Dear Kawana Forest Residents

We are now taking KaFRA memberships and renewals for 2018-2019 – only $10 per household!!!

We have had an amazing year and achieved so much due to the support of our wonderful new committee, valued members, grants from sponsors and support from local businesses. 

What have we done this last 12 months:

– conducted another successful community Christmas party at the Kawana Forest Meeting Place

– conducted an active families fun day in Kurrajong Park on 2 June with over 100 people in attendance 

– made a formal submission to and participated in the mayor’s special workshop on illegal verge parking in February

– provided feedback to council on options for aging playground equipment to be replaced later in the year

– provided feedback to council on the development of the Meridan Playing Fields AFL expansion

– liaised with council on local rubbish, gardens, traffic and parklands issues (including cleaning of Kawana Forest entry sign) 

– cleaned up litter along Woodlands Boulevard and in our parks and streets

– provided advice to residents on various issues

– prepared and hand-delivered regular newsletters for residents outlining news from around the estate and supporting local businesses

– updated the KaFRA website

– revamped our Facebook page to provide a more active and responsive forum for local residents and promote various local events (https://m.facebook.com/KawanaForestResidents/

– made successful applications for a number of community grants from McGrath Real Estate, Sunshine Coast Council, Grill’d Kawana & Stockland. 

Thank you for the part, large or small, that YOU have played in this very successful year. We are now working on organising our Annual General Meeting (29 July) and our next big community event.


KaFRA represents the local Kawana Forest community by:

– keeping you informed on local community-related information

– ensuring our wonderful estate and surrounds are well-maintained

– liaising with council, state government and other parties to ensure our views are heard

– organising community engagement activities


Your support is critical to ensure we can continue to serve the local community and $10 is all it takes, this can be done by the following methods: 

  • Bendigo Bank (Caloundra Branch) BSB: 633000 Account Number: 134076280 Kawana Forest Residents Association. Please identify your payment by including your address in the payment information.
  • You can also join by handing $10 in cash to any of our committee that you know, or just prior to our next committee meeting on Monday 2 July 5pm at the Kawana Forest Meeting Place, or at our Annual General Meeting on Sunday 29 July 2pm at the same venue.
  • Alternatively, email info@kafra.org.au to arrange a pickup if preferred
  • Membership forms can be found here.  

Frequently asked question:

Q.  If I become a member what do I need to do?

A.  Enjoy the community events we organise and know that we are here ensuring Kawana Forests best interests are being looked after.

Or, if you want to be involved let us know at info@kafra.org.au – as each year a new committee and sub-committees are elected, or maybe you would just like to help at a one off event, become part of our newsletter distribution team,  or you have a special skill you can assist with to help with our administration or running of events.

Q.  I see you have received some grants so why do I need to contribute $10 per year? 

A.  Grants are great and go towards the cost of our events, but we always have out of pocket expenses, together with other small running costs to keep operating a Not for Profit organisation run by volunteers.

Kawana Forest Mid-Year Community Event – Fun for everyone

To all Kawana Forest Residents: 

We would love you to be among the first to hear about our special mid-year community event! The attached invitation flyer should arrive in your mailbox shortly and outlines the details of the active families day on 2 June at Kurrajong Park. You can also check our Facebook page closer to the event where we will be sharing further details. www.facebook.com/KawanaForestResidents

 There will be plenty of activities for families (kids of all ages and their parents) but, even if you don’t have kids at home, all are welcome to come along, join in or watch from the sidelines and meet up with your neighbours! There will also be a sausage sizzle and cold drinks available.

 We would love to see you there! If you have any questions, contact us at info@kafra.org.au

KAFRA Active Families Invite Jun 2018

Thank you McGrath Estate Agents Caloundra

A big thanks to the McGrath Team for donating $500 to KaFRA via their #communitygiveback program.  Did you know that if you sell your home via McGrath Agents Caloundra you can nominate a local community group to receive $500!!!  This money will help us fund more local community events.